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Brown, Dickerman Win Two ASMA Races at Arroyo Seco Raceway

By Daniel Berger on behalf of ASMA

Expert Jason Brown stepped up his game this past Sunday, April 3, as he won both
races he entered, the Unlimited Superstock sponsored by and the
premier event Formula Arroyo sponsored by Evan Steel Performance.

With a best lap time of 1:09.2 in Saturday’s qualifier, it seemed that Expert Mikey
Shreve might eke out a win this second round of racing in the clockwise
configuration. David Hurtado, the last round’s two-race winner, was close behind
Shreve with a 1:09.4, and last round’s third-place finisher Jason Brown finished off
the first row with a 1:09.6.

In the Unlimited Superstock, Brown on board a Suzuki GSXR1000 once again nabbed
the hole shot, with Hurtado on his Kawasaki ZX-10R and Shreve on his Yamaha YZF-
R1 behind in the two and three spot, respectively. Shreve’s late braking led to a pass
of Hurtado on the back straight of the second lap, and Shreve immediately set his
sights on challenging Brown for the one spot. Coming out of the Carousel on the third
lap, Brown was late on the gas, and Shreve might have shown him a front tire on the
back straight had Shreve not run out of track, which forced him to resume his
position behind Brown’s rear tire. The top three matched pace the rest of the race and
remained in the same positions when they crossed the checkers: Brown finished first
by a margin of 0.07 of a second, followed by Shreve and Hurtado. Shreve claimed the
fastest lap of the day with a 1:09.267.

The Formula Arroyo was almost an exact repeat of the Unlimited Superstock, but this
time Greg Talbot on his Yamaha YZF-R6 entered the Carousel in the three spot after a
poor start from Hurtado just behind. But with better drive out of the Carousel, Hurtado
passed Talbot in the back straight just seconds later. Brown, Shreve and Hurtado
resumed the same top three positions they had before for most of the race, until the
eighth and last lap when Shreve lit his Yamaha R1’s afterburners and an overtake
seemed inevitable on the back straight, but Brown warded him off with late braking
into the Esses. After twelve laps and the checkered flag was raised, it was once again
a win for Brown, with Shreve, only 0.088 of a second behind, and Hurtado in his

Jason Brown:

“This (clockwise configuration) is the direction I feel most comfortable going. Today,
the weather was perfect and my bike was running well. I knew I wasn’t the fastest,
but I knew I had a chance if I could get the hole shot. I kept my head down and kept
them (Shreve and Hurtado) behind me with late braking.”

David Hurtado:

“I’m on a stock bike, under power, unable to keep up (with Brown and Shreve) out of
the turns, though I’m better on the brakes. Next round, I’m going to have an
aftermarket shock that’ll help me a bit. And I’ll return to the configuration I’m better
at. I can get on the gas a lot harder with all of the left turns. I’ll be back next round.”

Dan Dickerman won his first races ever as an expert, and he only needed two rounds
to climb his way to the top. On board a Yamaha YZF-R6, his first win was in the
Middleweight Superstock sponsored by the Law Tigers.  The Middleweight Superbike
sponsored by ASMA Racing proved to be a repeat for Dickerman, but was by no
means an easy feat as he fought his way to the top from the fourth position on the
grid. When the green flag was raised, it was Joe Janiga on his Kawasaki ZX-6R first,
followed by Talbot and Sebastian Musewicz, also onboard a ZX-6R. Musewicz
quickly pushed his way in front of Talbot for the two spot on the back straight, and
Dickerman replicated the same overtake maneuver on Talbot a lap later. But
Dickerman would only hold the three spot for a single lap when he later passed
Musewicz in the 111R. By then, Janiga had built himself an impressive gap, but it
seemed to only fuel Dickerman and his mission for the top position. Three laps later on
the sixth lap, Dickerman also passed Janiga in the 111R, but Janiga didn’t let
Dickerman slip away into the distance. Not far from Dickerman’s tail, Janiga made a
last-hope bid for first when he exited the Horseshoe with better drive, but Dickerman
held on for the win with a 0.0239 second gap in front of Janiga.
Points and results current as of April round.
We will be adding a Superstreet class for our May 14/15 weekend. Rules are as
1. Any 500cc or larger motorcycle
2. All lights and mirrors must be taped up or removed
3. Rider may not be a licensed racer with any organization
4. Tires must be street tires, no DOT race tires allowed in class to keep it affordable.
5. Full gear is needed, we have 15 sets of loaner leathers.
$125.00 includes Saturday trackday, intro school, one weekend race license, and
Superstreet class entry.
SuperStreet Pre-Entry