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2015 ASMA
March 7-8
April 11-12
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2015 ASMA
Trackday Schedule
January 17-18
February 14-15
March 7
April 4-5, 11
May 2, 9-10
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Feb 21-22

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Military discount always available for all events at Arroyo
David Hurtado won the Formula Arroyo by Evan Steel Performance race
by passing Thibault Few with two corners to go. Few finished 2nd and
Ben Alarcon, who was also in the lead trio for most of the race finished
2014 Champions

David Hurtado: Formula Arroyo and UL Superbike Champion

Joe Janiga: Unlimited Superbike AM, MW Superstock AM, MW
Superbike AM, and UL Superbike AM Champion

Lorenzo Thomas: LW Superbike and LW Grand Prix Champion

Ryan Morse: Sportsmans Cup Champion

Mickey Rupe: Unlimited Superbike Champion

Sebastien Musewicz: MW Superbike Champion

Ben Alarcon, MW Superstock Champion

Greg Talbot: Formula 40 Champion

Jason Heldenbrand: 250 Superstock Champion

Lester Jones: Formula Amateur Champion

Expert Points Champion:
Sebastien Musewicz

Amateur Points Champion: Joe Janiga
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