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West Dominates at Arroyo Seco

Despite an overcast sky that kept track temperatures in the mid-
60s last Sunday, Anthony West’s scorching lap of 1:05.9 in the
Formula Arroyo set the ASMA clockwise configuration lap
record for the liter class, and Tomas Puerta’s 1:07.7 in the
Middleweight Superbike put his name in the record books for
fastest lap time on a middleweight.

Saturday’s Superpole for the premier event, the 12-lap Formula
Arroyo sponsored by Evan Steel Performance, saw that West
and Jeremy Toye, both onboard Kawasaki ZX10Rs, and Puerta,
onboard a Kawasaki ZX6R, would be the top three gridded.
Puerta nabbed the hole shot with West and Toye just behind,
but Puerta’s lead was short-lived as West and Toye opened up
their ZX10Rs on the back straight for the pass. Crossing the
start/finish line a second time was West first, followed by Toye
and Puerta in the two and three spots, and they saw the
checkered flag in the very same positions.

Going into round seven, the final round of the season, Expert
Ben Alarcon held the lead in the Formula Arroyo by a meager
four points over Thibault Few. The two were gridded tenth and
sixth, respectively. Few and his BMW S1000RR nipped at the
heels of Mike Shreve and his Yamaha YZF-R1 up until the half
way mark when Few managed a pass and left Shreve behind
the rest of the race. Few crossed the finish line in fourth place
with Alarcon and his Yamaha YZF-R6 finishing in eighth,
thereby sealing the deal for ASMA’s new number-one plate
holder, Thibault Few.

Anthony West:

“When I was sixteen, I raced on tracks in Australia similar (to
Arroyo Seco). It definitely has character, never gets boring and
keeps you busy because it’s so tight. (The track was) pretty
cold, with a bit more heat I could’ve gone faster, or with new
tires and another session. The reason I came here was to show
everyone I’m serious about racing here in America. My main
goal is to race here or in British Superbike. I have to thank
Michael Murph Murphy and Speedcell for bringing me out and
who are helping me try to find a team and sponsors here in
America, Jeremy Toye for loaning me his 2015 ZX10R, Evan
Steele Performance and Tom Savoca of Twigs Jew-els, Diesel
Ops, and Roger Heemsbergen.”

Thibault Few:

“This season we had been chasing in circles due to set up
issues. Today, I had a horrible qualify-ing, and so I wanted the
best start I could. A change in brake pads and shortened wheel
base al-lowed me to brake later and finish the corners later.
This year’s title fell into my hands, and if contingency is here
(ASMA) next year, I’ll go for another title.

Race Results for Round Seven at Arroyo Seco

Formula Arroyo by Evan Steel Performance

1.        Anthony West (Kaw ZX10R)
2.        Jeremy Toye (Kaw ZX10R)
3.        Tomas Puerta (Kaw ZX6R)
4.        Thibault Few (BMW S1000R)
5.        Jason Brown (Suz GSXR1000)
6.        Mike Shreve (Yam YZF-R1)

Formula Amateur by Speedcell

1.        Sean Ungvarsky (Kaw ZX6R)
2.        Justin Lewis (Kaw ZX6R)
3.        Tim Byma  (Suz GSXR600)
4.        Dan Junick (BMW S1000RR)
5.        David Kohanka (Tri 675)
6.        Bill Yelverton (Hon CBR600RR)

Beginner by Dirty Aces Racing

1.        Joshua Scheer (Kaw ZX6R)
2.        Matt Hacker (Suz GSXR750)
3.        Nickolaus Ferallo (Kaw ZX10R)
4.        Zachary Ferencz (Hon CBR600RR)
5.        Brent Morrison (Yam YZF-R1)
6.        Brian Michelson (Yam YZF-R6)

Formula 40 by Southwest Suzuki Kawasaki

1.        Jeremy Toye (Kaw ZX10R)
2.        Tom Savoca (Kaw ZX10R)
3.        Steve Zoumaras (Kaw ZX10R)
4.        Ken Murray (Yam YZF-R6)
5.        Kevin Gibson (Apr RSV1000R)
6.        Mickey Rupe (Suz GSXR1000)

Amateur Middleweight Superstock by Dirty Aces

1.        Sean Ungvarsky (Kaw ZX6R)
2.        Justin Lewis (Kaw ZX6R)
3.        Tim Byma (Suz GSXR600)
4.        David Kohanka (Tri 675)
5.        Bill Yelverton (Hon CBR600RR)
6.        Daniel Berger (Tri 675)

Expert Middleweight Superstock by Dirty Aces

1.        Tomas Puerta (Kaw ZX6R)
2.        Ben Alarcon (Yam YZF-R6)
3.        Joe Janiga (Kaw ZX6R)
4.        Alex Thompson (Yam YZF-R6)
5.        Jesse Beck (Tri 675)
6.        Raul Carrillo (Kaw ZX6R)

Lightweight Superbike by ASMA Dunlop

1.        Alan Dye (Suz 650)
2.        Leif Munson (Kaw 300)
3.        Phil Allison (Hon CBR250R)
4.        Loren Jury (Yam YZF-R3)
5.        Mike Essig (Suz 650)

Lightweight Grand Prix by Ideal Electric

1.        Leif Munson (Kaw 300)
2.        Phil Allison (Hon CBR250R)
3.        Mike Essig (Suz 650)
4.        Loren Jury (Yam YZF-R3)

Amateur Middleweight Superbike by ASMA Pirelli

1.        Justin Lewis (Kaw ZX6R)
2.        Tim Byma (Suz GSXR600)
3.        David Kohanka (Tri 675)
4.        Daniel Berger (Tri 675)
5.        Matthew Hacker (Suz GSXR750)
6.        Bill Yelverton (Hon CBR600RR)

Expert Middleweight Superbike by ASMA Pirelli

1.        Tomas Puerta (Kaw ZX6R)
2.        Joe Janiga (Kaw ZX6R)
3.        Jesse Beck (Tri 675)
4.        Ken Murray (Yam YZF-R6)
5.        Raul Carrillo (Kaw ZX6R)
6.        Alex Thompson (Yam YZF-R6)

Ultra Light Cup

1.        Joe Janiga (Kaw 300)
2.        Leif Munson (Kaw 300)
3.        Phil Allison (Hon CBR250R)
4.        Kiro Pinter (Kaw 250)
5.        Loren Jury (Yam YZF-R3)

Sportsman Cup by Fast by Few

1.        David Kohanka (Tri 675)
2.        Lorenzo Thomas (Suz 650)
3.        Scott Diehl (Tri 675)
4.        Joe Janiga (Kaw 300)
5.        Leif Muson (Kaw 300)
6.        Phil Allison (Hon CBR250R)

Amateur Unlimited Superstock by

1.         Sean Ungvarsky (Kaw ZX6R)
2.        Dan Junick (BMW S1000RR)
3.        Daniel Berger (Tri 675)
4.        Bill Yelverton (Hon CBR600RR)

Expert Unlimited Superstock by

1.        Anthony West (Kaw ZX10R)
2.        Jason Brown (Suz GSX1000R)
3.        Thibault Few (BMW S1000RR)
4.        Tom Savoca (Kaw ZX10R)
5.        David Hurtado (Suz GSX1000R)
6.        Mike Shreve (Yam YZF-R1)

Unlimited Superbike by Edge Kawasaki

1.        Tom Savoca (Kaw ZX10R)
2.        Brent Morrison (Yam YZF-R1)
3.        Oscar Ybarra (Yam YZF-R1)

Ultra Lightweight by Sinner Moto Photo

1.        Kiro Pinter (Kaw 250)
2.        Loren Jury (Yam YZF-R3)
Our 2015 ASMA Banquet will be Saturday Dec 5th at 7pm at Apache Homelands,
across the freeway from ASR.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend, as we honor our champions as well
as a few very special awards.

Also on Dec 5th we will have Danny Eslick as our guest instructor, fresh from an
appearance at the Superprestigio of the America's.