2016 ASMA
March 12-13
April 2-3
May 14-15
June 11-12
Sept 10-11
Oct 8-9
Nov 12-13

2016 ASMA
Trackday Schedule
January 16-17
February 20
March 5-6, 12
April 2
May 7, 14
June 5-11
July 9-10
August 13, 14
September 3-4, 10
October 2, 8
November 6, 12
December 3-4
Advanced Riding

2 Day Advanced

Feb 20-21

2016 Referral Certificates
ASMA New Racer Referral Certificate
ASMA Trackday Discount Certificate
Motorcycle Roadracing
Results at Motorcycle
25% Military Discount for all Trackday and Race Entries
We have added paypal buttons in addition to the forms for license renewal,
trackdays, and race pre entries. If you use the paypal button please also use
the message to let us know your name, class etc.
       Race license renewal forms, trackday pre-entry forms, and race entry forms
are now on the website on the forms page. You can hit submit after completely
filling out the PDF file and it will send us encrypted data, not the whole form. If you
are uncomfortable doing that, you can always print and send in via US Postal Service.

      Another option is to pay via paypal. You must still send in the complete form
and then pay via the button at the left of the page. Make sure you still fill out the
form please. We will be working towards a new online signup page soon as well.

      License renewal forms will hopefully be sent out on Friday the 8th, and as
always your 2015 number is guaranteed until Feb 21st, unless you earned a top 10
number, then it is guaranteed for all of 2016 and your current number is reserved as
long as you are running your top 10 number.

      Anyone interested in the February Advanced Riding School needs to sign up in
advance, as it will sell out. Call Michelle at 575-494-4796 to put a deposit on a spot.

      Twigs Jewels will be sponsoring the Unlimited Superbike class in 2016, and we
would like to thank Tom Savoca for bringing them on. If you are interested in
retailing jewelery please speak with Tom at any of our events or check out their
website by clicking on the link on the right.

11x17 2016 Poster